..tales from the Blues Highway: ..how to transmogrify.

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Love and Wishes & Funky Blues Kisses for our fans, jellies and friends.
..thanks for believing in our music.
My Love Is Real - The Billy Jones Band - https://youtu.be/ihTjGgbzlLg
Outlaw's Reward - recorded Live!
..at the Arkansas Department of Corrections.
..the return of the authentic american bluesman.
Biggest House In Town - The Billy Jones Band
coochie: ..the original hard drug
Can't Let You Go - The Billy Jones Band
Download Full Album ...FREE!
booking info: billyjonesbluez@aol.com
King Biscuit Blues Festival: Live Solo Performance - video 1:https://www.facebook.com/carol.boss.54/videos/10215302541669442/
King Biscuit Blues Festival: Live Solo Performance - video 2:
The Billy Jones Story:
..the times and travels of an authentic american bluesman.

...the band is here! ..the band is here! ..the band is here!

..the authentic american bluesman learns to transmogrify into whatever form best suits the audience that is before him on any given day, as he travels the Blues Highway on his journey to the Crossroads. ..the true bluesmen, like Leadbelly, Blind Lemon, Charlie Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson and so many others, were masters of all musical styles. ..not just one. ..all american music is derivative of the blues. ...this is what it took that night.

"..the return of the authentic american bluesman."


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